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Icy roads help catch robbers

Icy roads turned into a nightmare for some 2 fleeing robbers in Alsace in France - a few weeks ago (in January). The 2 men managed to get into a tobacco store near Haguenau and forcefully got...

Mar 14, 2013

Accident saves 600 cats from the cooking pot

If you are a cat, I am sure parts of Southern China would not be a place of choice for you to live in. According to different news websites, including the state-run

Jan 22, 2013

Google Map | Amakuru yose yerekeye u Rwanda n'ayo hanze
Title: | Amakuru yose yerekeye u Rwanda n'ayo hanze
Category: Rwanda / News and Media
Clicks: 6
Added on: Feb 9, 2012
Tags: Igihecom Amakuru yose yerekeye Rwanda nayo hanze | Amakuru yose yerekeye u Rwanda n'ayo hanze
Secondary Email:
Telephone, Fax, Instant Messenger
Phone 1: +250 788 74 29 08
Phone 2: +250 788 49 69 15
Phone 3: +250 728 94 66 08
Mobile Phone 1: -
Mobile Phone 2: -
Physical & mailing address
More details: Rubangura Building No 219
Postal Address [P.O. Box]: 3477 Kigali-Rwanda
City: Kigali
Country: Rwanda
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