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Icy roads help catch robbers

Icy roads turned into a nightmare for some 2 fleeing robbers in Alsace in France - a few weeks ago (in January). The 2 men managed to get into a tobacco store near Haguenau and forcefully got...

Mar 14, 2013

Accident saves 600 cats from the cooking pot

If you are a cat, I am sure parts of Southern China would not be a place of choice for you to live in. According to different news websites, including the state-run

Jan 22, 2013

A Simple Chapati Recipe

Here is a simple way to make East Africa chapati

Hot, soft, East African Chapati from


Source admin
Prep time
20 minutes
Cooking time
30 minutes
Total time
50 minutes


  • Pour the flour in a big enough bowl and add 6 - 8 table spoons of oil and salt and mix them thoroughly.
  • Add the water and knead until it forms a firm dough which should not stick on the bowl wall. (With a food processor, this process can be greatly speeded up. Please check in the instruction manual, regarding whether the machine can mix stiff dough of 1 kilo flour (just over 2lb) + other ingredients (basically 1/2 liter of water). If not, try halving ALL ingredients).
  • Prepare a clean, dry, lightly powdered rolling board. Cut the dough into 8 - 10 equal pieces.
  • Roll each to the diameter of about the size of a dinner plate. If properly mixed, even without a powdered rolling board, the dough should not be too soft or sticky. If it is, add some little flour until it is not. The consistency may vary, depending on the type of wheat flour used.
  • Heat the pan until it is relatively hot. Carefully insert a chapati and wait until the lower side just starts to dry up. Turn it over and spread about a tablespoon of oil all over the surface as the lower side dries up lightly. After a few moments, turn the chapati over and repeat the same process. If the hotplate is not too hot, the lower side should turn golden brown after 11/2 to 2 minutes. Do the same for the other side. If they brown too fast or show signs of burning without getting ready, reduce the heat. The ready chapati should feel soft and have lightly browned patches (see picture).

If one is fast enough, one can roll a chapati, while also minding the one in the pan. At such a pace, the total preparation time, should be about one hour.
For the beginning, you could halve ALL ingredients. In the accompanying video, half the ingredients are used.


NOTES : Chapati is best eaten warm and with most good meat or poultry sauces, as well as with vegetables. It can also be enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee. Cold chapati can be warmed up on a not too hot pan. It then tastes fresh and soft...

Chapati, which is widely eaten in many different parts of East Africa and India is prepared in different ways. In India for example, very little or no oil is used. Feel free to share your method if it is considerably different.


Check out another chapati recipe, which is more elaborate than this ==> Mercy's Chapati Recipe, but with better chapatis.

Recipe from OrbitUganda.Com

Mar 25, 2012



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