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General Merchandise

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Waran St, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – Tanzania Online Shop is a modern online shop selling a range of products and deliveri...
Kator Road, Juba, South Sudan
AFRI General Trading is a distribution and retail business located in the Republic of South Sudan...
Sekou Toure Way
+255 2727 51 00 6+255 2727 51 00 6
+255 756 71 84 55+255 756 71 84 55
+255 2727 51 00 8
TOKU Tanzania is specialized in wholesale distribution of high quality Kilimanjaro merchandising ...
W-stores Ltd – A Woolworths Franchise, >>Tanzanias finest<<
Nile Fishnet Motors Co. Ltd was created in 1995, by a family that has extended experience with ma...
National Park East Gate Road, Nairobi, Kenya
A group of companies consisting of Munshiram International Business Machines  (core business incl...
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