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Banque de Kigali | Bank of Kigali

KN 4 Avenue

Bank of Kigali, biggest bank in Rwanda with services such as loans, savings, money transfer, E-banking, Visa Card, Western Union

Phone 2
4455 (call center)
Postal Address [additional]

P.O. Box 175

KN 4 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda 0.08 km
3131 - Tollfree3131 - Tollfree
+250 786582957+250 786582957
+(250) 501402
The Rwanda Public Procurement Authority (RPPA) … The responsibilities of RPPA include organ...
KN 3 Avenue 0.12 km
The City of Kigali’s web site – designed to provide 24-hour access to city leadership, play...
KN 3 Avenue 0.18 km
“… designed to assist the Government of Rwanda and its Development Partners implement...
KN 30 Street, Kigali, Rwanda 0.18 km
Information about the ministry’s objectives, programmes and budgets plus news briefs, press...
ORI is dedicated to helping orphans and other socially vulnerable young people in Rwanda pursue a...
KN 4 Avenue 0.2 km
National Unity and Reconciliation Commission – established with the responsibility of using...
KN 78 Street 0.22 km
Hotel Isimbi – “The Hotel is our business, your satisfaction is assured” in Kiy...
Kigali, Rwanda’s premier portal for everything you want in the city!
Kigali, Rwanda 0.23 km
dgMarket – the largest international portal for tenders and procurement opportunities from ...
Kigali, Rwanda 0.23 km
The mission of the NDIS is to insure the success of the implementation of the Decentralization Pr...
The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda (DGPR) is a political party launched in 2009 whose main goal...
Kigali, Rwanda 0.23 km
Kigali, with population of more than 1 million (2012), is the capital and largest city of Rwanda....
Kigali, Rwanda 0.23 km
Founded in 2004, Radio10 is the best Rwandan private radio station. From KGL to NYC, R10 is the R...
Rwanda, Kigali, Kigali, RW 0.27 km
Rwanda Eco-Tours – Mountain Gorilla Trekking and Safaris … Rwanda Eco-Tours is a loca...
KN 2 Roundabout, Kigali, Rwanda 0.27 km
Inyarwanda is a social website which aims at promoting Rwandan social life through Entertainment ...
KN 67 Street 0.28 km
UNDP provides development support in three major areas of expertise and practice together with th...
KN 70 Street 0 km
+255 22 2200048/49/50+255 22 2200048/49/50
+255 22 2200051
COSEKE is a regional IT company specializing in business process management solutions, document m...
KN 70 Street, Kigali, Rwanda 0.29 km
IGIHE TV – Murakaze neza
Hôtel des Milles Collines Kigali offers  Legacy of hospitality… Remarkable European traditions
KN 3 Avenue 0.31 km
RBA – Rwanda Broadcasting Agency formerly ORINFOR.
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