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Ministry of Infrastructure - MININFRA | Rwanda

KG 7 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda
KG 7 Avenue Kigali Kigali RW

Rwanda Ministry of Infrastructure – MININFRA, located in Kaciyru, Kigali, in the District of Gasabo.

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Postal Address [additional]

P.O.Box 24

KG 7 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda 0.11 km
Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) of the republic of Rwanda.
KG 3 Avenue 0.12 km
(+250) 252. 589905(+250) 252. 589905
(+250) 783825851(+250) 783825851
(+250) 252 583203
King Faisal Hospital, Kigali – “… one the preferred multidisciplinary specialis...
KG 7 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda 0.17 km
The Ministry of Internal Security mission is to guarantee the safety and security of Rwandans and...
Boulevard de l'Umuganda 0.17 km
Rwanda Directorate General of immigration and Emigration
KG 7 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda 0.17 km
The Ministry of Local Government’s main mission is promoting the well-being of the populati...
KG 3 Round About 0.18 km
(250) 596 400(250) 596 400
(250) 596 771 / 596 591 (Public Affairs Section)
Embassy of the United States of America in Kigali, Rwanda
KG 7 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda 0.2 km
Rwanda Ministry of Public Service, Skills Development, Vocational Training & Labor. MIFOTRA H...
Kacyiru, Gasabo, Rwanda 0.26 km
Republic of Rwanda- Gasabo District – Kigali City
The Rwanda Library Services Project was started by Rotary Club of Kigali – Virunga with the...
KG 7 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda 0.43 km
Official Website for H.E. Paul Kagame – President Of The Republic Of Rwanda
KG 7 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda 0.43 km
Republic of Rwanda – the Office of the President website
KG 7 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda 0.73 km
Fonds des Nations Unies pour l’enfance (UNICEF) Rwanda… L’organisation de défen...
Rwanda National Police is dedicated to deliver high quality service, accountability and transpare...
Chain of Hotels in Rwanda and Uganda … We offer great value. Our outstanding locations, com...
KG 7 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda 0 km
+27 11 269 7600+27 11 269 7600
+27 11 269 7899 (Johannesburg)
ENSafrica, Africa’s largest law firm with specialist expertise that covers all commercial a...
KG 7 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda 1.24 km
The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs [MIDIMAR] has the mission to “attai...
KG 15 Avenue, Kigali, Rwanda 1.24 km
Présente l’état des ratifications et le texte intégral des déclarations faites par l’...
Blue Star House, 35 KG 7 Ave, Kigali, Rwanda 0 km
South African BEE law firm, practice briefs in tax law, antitrust, banking, corporate law. Undert...
KG 563 Street, Kigali, Rwanda 1.25 km
MINAGRI – Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources
One Love Land is located 15 minutes by road from Kigali International Airport, and approximately ...
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