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Ministere de La Justice | Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST) | Rwanda

KN 5 Road, Kigali, Rwanda
KN 5 Road Kigali Kigali RW

The Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST)/ Office of the Attorney General – Republic of Rwanda has the general mission to organise and to oversee the promotion of the rule of law and justice for all.

Ministère de la justice (MINIJUST) …

Phone 2
+250 252 586561
Postal Address [additional]

Ministry of Justice
P.O.Box 160

KG 501 Street 0.09 km
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KN 5 Road 0.39 km
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KN 5 Road, Kigali, Rwanda 0 km
+256 - 31-2261732+256 - 31-2261732
+250 578264 (Rwanda office)
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KN 5 Road 0.58 km
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