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US Army Medical Research Unit - Kenya

Provides assistance by monitoring for emerging pathogens and has the mission that includes developing and testing improved means for predicting, detecting, preventing and treating infectious disease threats to U.S. military personnel and the host nation …

Phone 2
+254 20 271 3689
Mobile Tel. 2
+254 733 623637
Postal Address [additional]

American Embassy
P.O Box 606-00621, Village Market
Nairobi, Kenya

Other Email(s),
ICRAF Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 0 km
+254 20 363-6000 (Switchboard)+254 20 363-6000 (Switchboard)
+254 20 363-6157 (Switchboard)
United States Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya. “Chief among the U.S. Mission’s goals are fo...
United Nations Complex, Nairobi, Kenya 0 km
Information on the projects of the UN agency dedicated to eradicating rural poverty in developing...
Limuru Road 0.38 km
One of the Africa’s leading IT solution providers. STL offers state-of-the-art, comprehensi...
United Nations Avenue 0.67 km
United Nations Crescent 0.52 km
L’organisation de défense des droits de l’enfant présente son actualité et ses action...
Limuru Road 0.52 km
African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) is a Nairobi-based international intergovernmental s...
United Nations Avenue 0.52 km
+254 20 7621234+254 20 7621234
(254-20) 7624349 (UN Information Center)
The United Nations Office at Nairobi, the UN headquarters in Africa, was established by the Gener...
United Nations Avenue 0.62 km
United Nations Crescent 0.67 km
Informe de esta organización sobre la situación de la infancia en el país. Descripción de los pro...
United Nations Cres, Nairobi, Kenya 0.64 km
The Embassy represents Sweden in Kenya, Somalia, Seychelles and the Union of the Comoros. The Emb...
Limuru Road, Nairobi, Kenya 0.72 km
+254-(0)20- 7121321+254-(0)20- 7121321
+254-(0)20 7121324
Rwanda Embassy /Rwanda High Commission in Nairobi, Kenya
United Nations Crescent, Nairobi, Kenya 0.73 km
Comtec Networks Limited is a leading network solutions provider in Africa focusing on design, dev...
United Nations Crescent, Nairobi, Kenya 0.77 km
Includes information about the company and travel, recommended trips, mobile camping, luxury camp...
United Nations Crescent, Nairobi, Kenya 0.82 km
Through the East Africa regional program, USAID works across borders to strengthen food security,...
United Nations Crescent 0 km
Official portal provides information about the country plus all programs, factsheets, employment ...
United Nations Crescent 0.82 km
East Africa supports programs in several countries in the East Africa region in which there is li...
Red Hill Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 0.91 km
Information about the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, visas and about Norway.
Limuru Rd, Nairobi, Kenya 0.91 km
High Commission of Canada to Kenya represents Canadian interests in Kenya, Burundi, Somalia, Ugan...
Limuru Road 0.94 km
Deutsche Schule in Nairobi mit eigenem Kindergarten — German School Nairobi
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