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A basic Mediafront module & OSM Player set up for Drupal 7

The video at the top shows a basic set up for this fantastic module, described as “a front end media solution for Drupal”. It shows how to get the OSM Player to display media, beginning with a fresh installation of Drupal 7. For more detailed instructions & documentation, please visit the project page at &


Please bear in mind the above tutorial is for the 1.x series. For the current 2.0 series of the player, please refer to the project page at and its documentation, for example in the readme file packaged with the module as a couple of things are different. Alternatively, have a look at the videos 2 & 3 below.

  • Video 2 on this page shows how to update from 1.x, described above to 2.0 series. If you had the old version and just want to update to 2.0, please follow the instructions in second video.
  • Video 3 shows “MediaFront 2.0 Intro”.  MediaFront 2.0 is a much more improved version, compared to the original 1.x series. If you are installing a fresh version of the Mediafront player, please only follow the instructions relatedto it by the author.
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