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Best Free Software 20: Freemium Free System Utilities

Freemium Free Utilities
Freemium Free Utilities

Freemium Free System Utilities is a small, free and “powerful tuning suite for your Windows® PC”. On this site the virtues of Ccleaner, Wise Disk Cleaner and other tools have been highlighted, but Freemium Free System Utilities does much more and includes some functions you find in tools that are not free. You do not have to be an expert to use this program to clean up do other maintenance tasks on your PC, something every computer like any other machine or household needs every now and then, which among other advantages helps speed it up again.

This is what the publisher says about it:

Free System Utilities is a completely free software, designed to maintain your Windows® PC. Version 1.0 provides you with 20 powerful tools to optimize the performance, safety and comfort of your PC, including all mayor functions of well-known system utility programs such as CCleaner, Revo Uninstaller Pro and Glary Utilities.

A lot, and that is maintenance your PC would probably appreciate can be achieved through the 1 Click-Maintenance in a few clicks.

Freemium Free System Utilities: Clean up and manage
Freemium Free System Utilities: Clean up and manage

Once finishes scanning for issues, click “Apply & Repair” for the found issues to be fixed.

  • It fixes the registry
  • cleans temporary files consisting mostly of internet junk collected by Internet explorer, Firefox & other browsers, which helps get back otherwise wasted disk space, erases browser tracks & history
  • removes spyware
  • helps clean Startup Menu, etc.

It however does much, much more. Via Clean Up & Manage, Improve Performance and Security & Privacy buttons at the button, you access more functions. A few will be named.

Clean Up & Manage

Here, you have tools for removing junk files from the drives so you get back wasted disk space after choosing which disc, C & any other to deal with, you can access the interface for uninstalling programs, analyze disk to establish which folders and files are taking how much space, etc

Freemium Free System Utilities: disk analyzer – this for example helps locate which file & folders are taking up space, etc
Freemium Free System Utilities: disk analyzer – this for example helps locate which file & folders are taking up space, etc


Improve Performance

There are 6 tools available here, performing tasks like:

  • clean up & improve the system’s registry performance
  • optimize & compact the registry to speed up the PC. This might require closing all other programs & a restart after to complete
  • optimize memory
  • manage startup – you can disable programs that automatically startup & run in the background, eve if one might not need them. Quite often Skype, Yahoo messenger, adobe reader & probably lots of others are among the culprits. If you need Skype, etc, you can always start them via desktop shortcuts so they do not use unnecessary resources. The advantage with the Windows onboard tool is this does not require a PC restart & subsequent confirmation to keep the settings change. Ccleaner offers the same functionality
  • manage Windows running processes
  • manage Windows – you can easily access useful standard functions, like check disk, disk defragmenter, system restore, etc.
  • Freemium Free System Utilities: optimize registry - needs PC restart to complete
    Freemium Free System Utilities: optimize registry – needs PC restart to complete

Security & Privacy

You can manage browsers, erase files securely, undelete files, erase tracks (cookies, internet history, etc), encryption and decryption of private data, etc

System requirements

This works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8, 512 MB RAM, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 & 50MB disk space


You can learn more about and download this powerful and free software from =>


Important!  Just like a good number of free programs nowadays, watch out during the installation process to unselect any offer of adware, which otherwise makes you agree to installation of junk, which often changes some PC settings like the default search, start page or adds useless stuff which is often difficult to get rid of. In this case, there was the option to SKIP all.

Other than this, Freemium Free System Utilities, is great & has an unbeatable number of PC performance optimization tools all in one package.

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