How to Rescue a Ruined Meal

Rescued meal

So you tried to cook dinner, for family or guests, and it seems to be ruined. Is all hope lost? Maybe, but it’s possible you can save at least some part of it to eat, along with something else you can prepare quickly. Here are some hints.   Steps Try to cook foods you know for special guests. Don’t try your wildest experiments if you’re trying to impress important people….

Minister urges Ugandans to produce 3 children!

An article with the same title appeared in the New Vision newspaper of 7th Feb. (…). The second Deputy Prime minister, who mentions toughening economic times as the reason for his appeal further … : Henry Muganwa Kajura, who is also the public service minister, wonders how parents who have produced more than four children will look after them. “Where will they educate them and how will they provide for…