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A simple Katogo recipe with groundnut/peanut sauce & potatoes

Katogo made with potatoes in groundnut/peanut sauce

“Katogo a dish where a staple is cooked in the same pot with a sauce, is popular in all regions of Uganda. The staple is usually matooke, Irish potatoes, cassava or sweet potatoes, while the sauce meat or vegetables – beans, peas, groundnuts or greens.” … as explained in the article from the Daily Monitor Newspaper (link is external): RECIPE: Enjoy Katogo-byenda for breakfast (link is external) where there is another variation of katogo.

Fried plantains/gonja

Gonja West African style

This particular recipe and the pictures were made while visiting friends from Guinea Conakry and show how to make some fried plantains (called “gonja” in Uganda). Less ripe plantains lead to a more crisp result.