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DesignEvo – Online Logo Maker

I do actually use or have used graphic software made by Pearlmountain, including Publisher Plus for Mac [… a Desktop Publishing (DTP) software you can use to design and create professional quality flyers, brochures, posters and business cards], Picture Collage Maker Pro [which helps turn your ordinary photos into stunning collages, scrapbooks, posters, greeting cards] and FotoJet Free Online Photo Collage Maker,  all of which we find excellent and easy to use for their tasks. So we were excited when we came across DESIGNEVO – a Free Online Logo Maker.

Irrespective of the platform you have, you just need to access their website and get to work to design a new logo. This is how they describe their product:

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker with 5000+ templates that anyone can use to bring to life a compelling, unique logo in minutes.

That sounds good for John Mutesa in Lusaka, Zambia, who would like a logo for his catering services company. DesignEvo makes it easy to use their tool for just about anyone. So he clicks the button “Make a free logo“.

Let’s create a free logo

Create a logo with DesignEvo

Clicking that link leads you to a page with countless, customizable templates, divided into various categories. Since his business has something to do with food & drinks, we turn to that category. Even better, we type “catering” in the template search, which helps narrow the results.

He settles for one and selects it with a click. This opens a pop-up window, were one can type in the company name and optionally, a slogan as well, which gets done.

Create a logo with DesignEvo
Creating a logo with DesignEvo
Create a logo with DesignEvo
Creating a logo with DesignEvo: Editing text …


There is a need to reduce the font size by clicking the the respective text and selecting a smaller size, so it fits within the pre-set width of a maximum of 500px.

He’s not satisfied with the colors and the font type yet.

Createing a logo with Designevo: adjusting colors and font
Creating a logo with DesignEvo: adjusting colors and font


Using the respective buttons, the colors and font type are adjusted. He then wants  to place the slogan on a banner, but discovers the banner width cannot be adjusted independently and would be too big for the  the text length, if increased to 500px.

Creating a logo with DesignEvo: final adjustments
Creating a logo with DesignEvo: final adjustments


Instead, he decides to use another option and move the slogan above the image and curve the text.
You have the option to set the background color. That looks good  …, after which he decides that would do.


Free logo: result
Free logo: result with a white background and one with the background color of this web site and reduced to 300 x 300px.


For a free logo, DesignEvo gives you a number of options. You can download the result right away, a zipped file containing 2 images in jpg & png formats on a colored background. Before downloading, you need to set the background color to what you would like it to be.
In case you would like to continue working on the logo later, you can “Save” it. That pre-supposes having registered before, which takes just a couple of seconds. It makes sense to “Preview” the image, in which case you are shown what the logo would look like on different backgrounds in different scenarios .

If you choose saving, you are offered 3 options, with differing features:

  • Free: Give Credit to DesignEvo, Low resolution files (up to 500 x 500 pixels), PNG with background
  • The other 2 paid packages for $19.99 (Basic) and $39.99 (Plus) respectively offer: max. resolution 5000 x 5000px, PNG with transparent background, lifetime support, print ready, edit and re-download and for the latter: vector PDF and SVG files and the right to register a trademark as well.

So to use the “free” logo, you must agree to give credit to DesignEvo by sharing on one’s Social media, blog or website. Understandable, but probably not so good. If you just need a logo for your website or for other basic uses, this is sufficient, though. For other purposes like a T-Shirt design or large posters, the image is almost certainly not good enough.

How-to-video from publisher

This video from the publisher shows how you can make a free logo in a couple of steps.

Advanced paid plans for creating professional logos

For t-shirts
For t-shirts

If you would like to get more advanced features, including maximum resolution 5000 x 5000 pixels, PNG with transparent background, lifetime support, print ready, edit and re-download and for the plus plan, vector PDF and SVG files and the right to register a trademark as well, you will need to turn to the paid plans.

We did make adjustments to the above  logo and on the download page chose one of the paid plans (Plus).

This opens up other possibilities, such as being able to create much larger images. After setting “2000 x 2000” px as the image size and correspondingly enlarging the logo image, we saved and then downloaded the resulting file, consisting of several components, including 3 2000 x 2000 pixel “originals”, one with a transparent background, 3 high resolution [5000 x 5000 pixel] copies in similar variations, as well as 2 vectors in pdf and SVG formats.

We used a high resolution copy at to make the t-shirt and such an image is actually suitable for placing on lots of other products.
Results made with the paid plans are also suitable for making large images for posters with Publisher Plus for Mac and  Picture Collage Maker reviewed on this site.

What we think …

We do think DesignEvo is a great “free” online logo maker, easy to use, with lots of templates if an image of 500 x 500 px is sufficient for you and you do not mind having to give credit on social media or your site.

For more professional use, with the 2 paid plans, you have your options greatly increased, for making high quality images in a very short time and which you can always edit later.


We do think it would lead to an excellent product, if DesignEvo could add the option to upload and use custom images in addition to the 4000+ professionally designed templates, over one million icons available to search through, hundreds of text fonts and shapes to choose from. An installable offline version for folks who may want to use a PC that is not necessarily always online, just like a couple of Pearlmountain products would be great.

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