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Uganda Connect project | UConnect

Parliamentary Avenue
3338 State Street

The object of Mission Mobile Education’s Uganda Connect project is the advancement of public education in Uganda, using Information and Computer Technology (ICT) for education, to improve the quality and efficiency of communications through the provision of necessary hardware (as computers, fax/modems and printers) and software (as word processing, communications-Internet, electronic mail and web browsers), and the training of teachers and managers in the use of communications software, especially electronic mail (e-mail), and the World Wide Web, for education, health, agriculture and other sectors.

Phone 2
+41 7745 49590 (Switzerland)
Other Phones
+1 402 455 8372 (USA);
Postal Address [additional]

Ministry of Education of Education and Sports
Development House Rooms 1.15,16
P. O. Box 23500
Kampala, Uganda

Other Email(s),,