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German tourists visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park, about 2000 square kilometers and 376 km from Kampala is the second largest National Park, after Murchison Falls National Park, found in the West of Uganda, at the foot of Mount Rwenzori. According to Wikipedia it …

“… is known for its wildlife, including Cape buffaloes, hippopotami, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, Congo lions, and chimpanzees. It is home to 95 species of mammal and over 500 species of birds.”

Here are some pictures taken by some visitors from Freiburg, Germany, which include images made on the route from/to Kampala, of the point the equator crosses the road and some taken along the 32 km-long natural, Kazinga Channel, which connects Lake Edward & Lake George and are said to have some of the highest concentrations of hippos in the world, hot springs, including eggs being cooked there to illustrate their hotness. Uganda has a good number of national parks, game reserves and sanctuaries.

One thought on “German tourists visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park

  1. Okot says:

    Beautiful landscape. I hope in spite of the extremely high national population growth, that those animals still maintain their habitat.


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