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Software Giveaway of the Day

Check out Long term software giveaways … for very interesting long-term software offers, including

  • Ashampoo Burning Studio 2018
  • Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2018
  • Ashampoo Snap 2018
  • Ashampoo Disk-Space-Explorer and …
  • Ashampoo Music Studio 2018

We have not been able to get the provider to restore the direct software download links below for the first Giveaway, at least for a while to come. So please just follow the instructions to get the software.

We are proud to present 2 more Giveaway downloads 2 & 3 at the bottom of the page. By clicking the links and in some cases providing an email, you access the giveaway of otherwise paid & licensed software, as well as the license key. Giveaway 2 takes a few seconds to load! Some offers are really great, so please bookmark, keep checking & recommend us! 00000307

We appreciate comments about any software, your experience with it, may be a compliment, etc, at the bottom of the page. To prevent spam, comments are moderated before publishing. It may take a few moments for the form to load.

Attention: should you very much later in the course of the day have the FIRST Giveaway of the previous day or older, try to re-load the page. If that does not help, go straight to the download site by clicking the colored button below.

Giveaway of the Day –

System Requirements:
File Size:

For the time being, to access download link ===> Giveaway of the Day <===

Giveaway 2

It may take a few seconds for this specific Giveaway information to load. After it does and you click “Download it now” you have the option => “I don’t use Facebook or Twitter!” You will need to provide your email address to get the download link + key sent there. After both clicks, this section of the page takes a few moments to reload!

Giveaway 3 – Giveaway Club

This re-directs to another site


One thought on “Software Giveaway of the Day

  1. Kontiki says:

    Great service. I have already downloaded, installed & use software downloaded from this site for over a year. Keep it up. 🙂


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