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How to Be Inspired by Michelle Obama

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Michelle Obama is often considered a classy, stylish and accomplished woman. Keep reading for ways to be inspired by her.


  1. Always put your children first. It is clear to everyone that Ms. Obama does this, and there are few things that are more important in this world. Of all the issues she is concerned about, Michelle knows that properly raised children are the key to a better world. If you have children, helping to make them an asset to humanity trumps everything else you can do.
  2. Get an education. Ms. Obama is highly educated, and had a very important, high-profile and lucrative  position. To emulate her, you should strive to be self-reliant and have a fulfilling career. If you are in high school, aim for the grades you are capable of. If you are older and are not as educated as you would like to be, contact your local GED office, or college, to see how you can broaden your horizons.
  3. Always appear positive. Ms. Obama always has a smile, and is warm and friendly to all she meets. The way she greeted the Queen of England is the standard on how to be down-to-earth and friendly. Consider how her behavior puts people at ease, and emulate this quality of hers.
  4. Dress well. Ms. Obama is always well dressed, and this makes an impression on those who look up to her. When dressing, highlight your attributes. Ms. Obama is known for showing her arms and legs when dressed up. In this day and age, there is no reason to hide what you were born with. If you have room for improvement in this area, consult your well-dressed friends for advice.
  5. Dress original. Do not be afraid of wearing outfits that may not appeal to the masses. Her red and black dress on election night, while criticized by some, showed confidence. Go to a department store or thrift shop, and by clothes that suit your fancy.


  • Watch videos of how Ms. Obama speaks, dresses and acts.
  • Read as much as you can about her childhood, schooling, career and budding life in the world spotlight.
  • Think of what you would like to accomplish, and make a game-plan to reach higher heights.
  • While you may want to emulate her, and adopt some of her ways, never stray from your true.
  • Consider writing her a , and ask her for advice on becoming all you can be.


  • Find good role models from other successful people as well. Try to emulate good traits from each of them.

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