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How to Get Rid of Body Odor

Skunk: produces a powerful, but repulsive odor used as defensive weapon

Many guys and girls alike deal with B.O. (Body Odor). B.O. is a major turnoff for most people, and sometimes it can be a challenge to get rid of it. If you want to smell as fresh as a pansy without hassle, read on.


  1. Shower every day. Showering often is and important part of keeping away body odor. Shower every morning or night, depending on your schedule. Use a powerful soap like Irish Spring or Dove all over your body and in the areas that are likely to get B.O. These areas include the armpits, feet, back, neck, and private areas.
  2. If you want to do it, shave your underarms. The hair under your armpits will trap in sweat and bacteria, causing the smell to intensify.
  3. Use Deodorant. After stepping out of the shower and drying off, use a good deodorant. Sometimes it is more effective to use a heavy duty roll on deodorant and then a strong spray kind. Put on both kinds for five to ten seconds. It is also important to put on some more deodorant right before and after working out.
  4. Care for Your Feet. If you have foot odor, spray some deodorant on the bottoms of your feet before putting your socks on. This will keep your feet dry and fresh all day long. Also try putting dryer sheets in your shoes to freshen them.
  5. Use a good smelling cologne/perfume. Don’t try to use good smelling things to cover up your B.O. Perfumes or colognes are only effective if you are clean when you put them on.
  6. Make sure your clothing is washed after one wearing.
  7. Always have an extra shirt with you. The worst possible case is being away from home with a stinky, sweaty shirt on. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra in your bag- better to smell clean than to have the reputation for “Stinky Sally.”


  • Carry deodorant and an extra shirt with you.
  • Don’t try to mask your smell with perfume/cologne.
  • If you get stuck somewhere with no deodorant or another shirt and you know you stink, put on a jacket to hold in the smell.
  • Do not wear your clothes more than once before washing.


  • Some people are allergic to certain types of soap and deodorants- find one that’s right for you.


Provided by a wiki how-to manual. Article: How to Get Rid of Body Odor.

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