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King's College Budo Rice

King’s College Budo Rice Recipe

This recipe shows how to prepare rice “KCB-style”, with canned fish. King’s College, Budo, is a cool, mixed, boarding secondary school, near Kampala. Students, at least a while ago, used to find ways of making use of the canned fish they got after working on the school farm. The fish & other food items were donated by the World Food program (WFP). This is one of the ways the fish was used.

Delicious pilau prepared by Sophie

Sophie’s pilau recipe

Pilau or pilao as it is called in Uganda is a very tasty rice/meat dish. There are many variations of it in different parts of the world, especially Asia. Other names for it include: Pilaf, also called poloپلو , polao, pilau, pilav, pilaff, plov or pulao.