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Kabalagala banana pancakes made with wheat flour

Wheat Flour Kabalagala Pan Cakes

This is a form of “kabalagala” as a type of Ugandan “banana pan cakes” normally made from apple(?) bananas (local name: ‘ndizzi’) and cassava flour is called, locally. In this version, the cassava flour will be replaced with wheat flour so we have Wheat Flour Kabalagala Pan cakes … Since the specific locally used bananas are not available everywhere, they are substituted with plantains. The rest of the recipe is borrowed from the “normal” kabalagala recipe on this site.

Kabalagala Banana Pancakes, using plantains (gonja)

Making Kabalagala pancakes using gonja (plantains)

True Ugandan kabalagala banana pancakes are made using “ndizzi” bananas (as they are called in some regions of Uganda), but what do you do if you are in a place where you have none, but lots of “plantains”, known in Uganda as “gonja”? I tried it and in my opinion, they taste more like the “real thing” than with other banana types found in some places. The recipe & especially video, though illustrate how to make Kabalagala with or without ndizzi.