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Kampala, Uganda – Episode Video


This video is the first episode of the travel of Sharon Lee of Culture Club Show through Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. Content: “… We see mountain gorillas in Bwindi, and enjoy the busy city of Kampala, and other surprises along the way.”

As comments to the video on Youtube & the Culture Club Show site show, most viewers tend to agree it fairly portrays both the good & bad sides of the country & not only the slums, poverty & co, which most foreigners expect & so document, as if there was nothing else worth mentioning.

One, probably American says, “I’ve just returned from a 6 week stay in  Uganda, mainly in Kampala, I agree with your observations wholeheartedly about all Ugandans.”

Another: “At least you are the first foreigner that showed both sides of my country. When most foreigners film in Uganda, they only show the slums, street kids and very poor children. But hey majority of Ugandans live decent lives with problems of course but they are making progress.Thank you this is at least a video I can show to my friends here in Sweden. ….”

The author, who has been to over 80 (!) countries says Culture Club Show was created ” to change the misconceptions of international travel, and show the world how amazing these countries and cultures are around the world.”

This simply proves the fact that travel helps one to come to know & appreciate other cultures and peoples …

I am quite sure the author’s Culture Club Show and Culture Club Youtube Channel are worth keeping an eye on for new material from around the world.

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