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Southern Africa News

Southern African News aggregated from diverse sources, including Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa & other regional newspapers.

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  • Zimbabwe: Five Die in Road Accident
    on 21/01/2019 at 15:23

    [The Herald] Five people - four men and a woman - died last night in an accident involving a Toyota Wish travelling from Chegutu to Chinhoyi. […]

  • Zimbabwe: MDC Chairperson Fears for Life
    on 21/01/2019 at 14:47

    [263Chat] The opposition MDC chairperson Thabitha Khumalo is fearing for her life following an alleged crackdown on civic society and opposition leaders by state security agents over last week's bloody shutdown called by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union (ZCTU). […]

  • South Africa: Bosasa Bribes Scandal - Agrizzi Implicates Tom Moyane
    on 21/01/2019 at 14:46

    [News24Wire] Former Bosasa boss Angelo Agrizzi has implicated former correctional services commissioner Tom Moyane in the quickly expanding network of corruption allegations surrounding Bosasa. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Police Arrest Leader of Largest Union
    on 21/01/2019 at 14:44

    [263Chat] The police have today arrested the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions Secretary General Japhet Moyo in connection with the nationwide stay away that turned violent resulting in the death of over 12 people while property worth millions was destroyed. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Lift Social Media Shutdown, Govt Told
    on 21/01/2019 at 14:41

    [263Chat] Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has called on government of Zimbabwe to lift the Internet and Social Media Shutdown saying it is in breach of people's rights. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Teargas Attack On Pregnant Wife Inspires 'Soldiers Diss' Tocky's Song
    on 21/01/2019 at 14:37

    [263Chat] Award-winning Zimdancehall chanter Tocky Vibes real name Obey Makamure says a teargas attack on his pregnant wife during last week's violent protests inspired his "Soldiers Diss" track. […]

  • South Africa: Mokonyane Not Aware of Any Allegations Against Her at State Capture Commission
    on 21/01/2019 at 14:15

    [News24Wire] Environmental Affairs Minister Nomvula Mokonyane's office says it knows nothing about claims implicating her in testimony before the state capture commission of inquiry and says it will be "impolitic" to engage reports claiming otherwise. […]

  • Namibia: Goats Killed By 'Mysterious Beast'
    on 21/01/2019 at 13:59

    [Namibian] Residents of Uukwanambwa and Amuteya villages in the Onyaanya constituency, Oshikoto region, are left looking for answers after close to 30 goats were killed and their blood allegedly sucked out by unknown predators this month. […]

  • Mozambique: Former Finance Minister Chang's Arrest Opens Can of Worms
    on 21/01/2019 at 13:29

    [CAJ News] Maputo -The arrest of a former finance minister as well as the indictment of several other government officials has bust wide open the level of government corruption in Mozambique and to an extent, raised some concern in Angola where some firms indicted in Mozambique are present. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Govt Evicts Villagers to Pave Way for Game Park
    on 21/01/2019 at 12:38

    [Zimbabwe Standard] The 1 000 Masvingo families who have been living at Mzaro Farm near Sikato resettlement area since 2000, are being evicted to pave way for the establishment of a game park, The Standard has established. […]

  • South Africa: Court Strikes Murder of Ex-Rwandan Intelligence Head Off Roll
    on 21/01/2019 at 12:24

    [News24Wire] The South African Police Service has two weeks to submit what actions were taken, from January 2014, to bring suspects to book in the murder of the former Rwandan head of intelligence, Colonel Patrick Karegeya. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Protesters Overrun Police Station
    on 21/01/2019 at 12:21

    [Zimbabwe Standard] Eighteen protesters who allegedly invaded and caused damage to a police in station in Marondera on Thursday appeared before magistrate Ignatius Mugova facing charges of public violence. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Plot to Impeach Mnangagwa Foiled, Says Ruling Party's Wadyajena
    on 21/01/2019 at 12:17

    [263Chat] Gokwe-Nembudziya Member of Parliament, Justice Mayor Wadyajena has made startling revelations that the plot to impeach President Emmerson Mnangagwa foiled due to the lack of numbers. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Chamisa Blames Mnangagwa for Violence
    on 21/01/2019 at 11:32

    [Zimbabwe Standard] MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of abrogating on his duties and resorting to violence in the face of demands by people that he fulfils his constitutional mandate. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Violent Protests - Family Recounts Horror Attack
    on 21/01/2019 at 11:22

    [263Chat] A Kuwadzana 5 family is counting loses after property worth thousands of dollars after gun totting 'people dressed in army uniforms' pelted their home with stones during last week's bloody and violent protests. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Army, Police in Fix Over Killings
    on 21/01/2019 at 11:22

    [Zimbabwe Standard] Police and the army last night sought to clear themselves and throw bla + me on alleged impersonators following reports that at least 12 people were killed by soldiers and the police during last week's nationwide protests against economic hardships. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Tajamuka Leadership Goes Underground
    on 21/01/2019 at 11:17

    [Zimbabwe Standard] Organisers of last week's three-day stayaway have gone into hiding together with some opposition MPs as the crackdown by state agents continues. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Tourism Sector Counts Losses in the Wake of Protests
    on 21/01/2019 at 11:12

    [Zimbabwe Standard] Zimbabwe's tourism industry stakeholders say the three-day shutdown that brought business to a standstill severely affected the sector, especially in terms of booking cancellations. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Internet Shutdown Costs Govt Millions of Dollars
    on 21/01/2019 at 11:12

    [Zimbabwe Standard] The government lost millions of dollars through delayed revenue inflows due to the slow processing of imports and exports after the switching off internet services countrywide. […]

  • Namibia: What's Sucking Goats' Blood in Oshikoto?
    on 21/01/2019 at 10:11

    [Namibian] Creatures that allegedly suck blood from livestock have attacked animals at two villages in the north of the country, killing 30 goats so far this year. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Army, Police Accuse Retired Soldiers of Causing Mayhem
    on 21/01/2019 at 07:49

    [263Chat] The Zimbabwe security forces have laid the blame for the civil unrest and violence that broke out in Harare and Bulawayo early last week on ex-soldiers and policemen who abuse military/police regalia to commit crimes. […]

  • Zimbabwe: South Africa's Hawks Arrest Car Thief, Smuggling Suspect
    on 21/01/2019 at 07:46

    [The Herald] The Hawks have arrested a second suspect believed to be part of a racket stealing vehicles from South Africa and smuggling them to other countries via Zimbabwe. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Mukupe Hints of Power Wrangles in Ruling Party
    on 21/01/2019 at 07:42

    [263Chat] Former Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Terrence Mukupe has hinted that something fishy could be cooking in the corridors of power after making a sensational claim that the 72 hours will be crucial in shaping the new direction the country will take post violent protests that rocked the country early last week. […]

  • Southern Africa: South African Party to Approach ICC If President Fails to Intervene in Zimbabwe Crisis
    on 21/01/2019 at 07:32

    [News24Wire] The DA plans to approach the International Criminal Court (ICC) if President Cyril Ramaphosa fails to intervene directly to stop the "ongoing human rights violations" on Zimbabweans, allegedly by president Emmerson Mnangagwa's government. […]

  • South Africa: More Revelations Expected At State Capture Inquiry, No Comment from ANC
    on 21/01/2019 at 07:23

    [News24Wire] While the ANC continues to pledge support for the commission of inquiry into state capture, it says it will not comment on some of its leaders expected to be implicated this week. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Activists Call for a New 5-Day Shutdown Protest
    on 21/01/2019 at 07:02

    [New Zimbabwe] Anti-government activists have called for a second, and this time five-day, shutdown protest beginning Monday, prompting the administration to warn that "we will not hesitate to enforce the law". […]

  • Africa: South Africa Plans to Help Bail Out Zimbabwe - Finance Minister Mboweni
    on 21/01/2019 at 07:02

    [Daily Maverick] South Africa is planning to extend short-term credit to Zimbabwe and also to help it write off its US$7.4-billion external debt, to prevent its neighbour spiralling out of control. Critics say this will be a waste of money unless it can pressure Zanu-PF to make political reforms. […]

  • Zimbabwe: NGOs Deny They Have 'Regime Change Agenda'
    on 21/01/2019 at 06:37

    [New Zimbabwe] CIVIL society organisations have rejected government allegations that they are working with the opposition to push a a regime change agenda aimed at unseating President Emmerson Mnangagwa's administration. […]

  • Southern Africa: Africa's Revolutions Have Brought Disappointment - But Hope Remains
    on 21/01/2019 at 04:49

    [allAfrica] When I immigrated to the United States from South Africa towards the end of the 1960's I was totally unaware of the wars of liberation against Portuguese colonialism that had begun in the early 1960's in the neighboring countries of Mozambique and Angola. All I knew about Mozambique was the reputation of its capital, Lourenço Marques, as a cosmopolitan Portuguese-style city where white South Africans went on holiday. […]

  • Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa Cuts Foreign Trip Short, Govt Talks Tough
    on 21/01/2019 at 04:13

    [Deutsche Welle] Zimbabwean authorities will hold opponents "fully accountable" for the unrest, and a spokesman described the deadly crackdown as "just a foretaste" of the future. President Mnangagwa has cut short a foreign trip. […]


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