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Overpopulation On Mount Elgon Kills Hundreds

The links below show that the government is starting to directly connect the issue of these avoidable landslides with OVERPOPULATION. A population growth rate of 3.5% and population density of 1000/km² and not in an urban area but rurla areas depending on nothing other than subsistence farming is catastrophic and not sustainable. Apart from moving people, the government MUST INTRODUCE FAMILY PLANNING PROGRAMS with the same enthusiasm and resources as it did with AIDS, because this is a problem needing IMMEDIATE attention.

The high population rate of 3.5% and about 7 kids/woman is NOT peculiar to Bududa. It’s just that other areas are not mountainous but the environmental effects will show up soon or later.

The second article is based on a report about Kanungu district in the West, but shows the extent of the problem and what and how much needs to be done to solve it.

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