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Simple Chapati Recipe

A Simple Chapati Recipe

Here is a simple, quick and easy, soft chapati recipe, the way it is made in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and other countries in the East African region. Bear in mind Indian chapati is made differently and a different type of flour is used!

Obelix the robot, Obelix der Roboter

Obelix the Robot tours Freiburg City

After 3 years of development and 6 million Euros invested, a group of scientists at Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg’s faculty of Engineering today sent out a robot being develop to take […]

Overpopulation On Mount Elgon Kills Hundreds

The links below show that the government is starting to directly connect the issue of these avoidable landslides with OVERPOPULATION. A population growth rate of 3.5% and population density of […]