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Abdoulie's Mafe, a Gambian stew

Abdoulie’s Mafe Recipe

Mafe, Maafe, mafé, maffé, etc is a stew prepared in plenty of variants in lots of West African countries. This particular one is from Abdoulie, hailing from Gambia, a very experienced cook.

Freshly made apple carrot juice

Apple-Carrot Juice

The other day noticed I had for some reason not eaten some fresh fruits like apples and some vegetables like carrots, with their beta carotene, for a long time, although I had them around. It is because I am not quite a fan of the 2. This of course in the long run is not healthy, but then I remembered I have a juicer, … Turned into juice, you can take in the content of several carrots & apples at ago and they do not taste bad at all.


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Business woman

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Couple, bad breath kills close encounters

How to Deal With Someone’s Bad Breath

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Rescued meal

How to Rescue a Ruined Meal

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