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Pearl of Africa Store

Pearl of Africa Store offers  fun articles decorated with cool Africa related and other fun designs. Slogans include “The Pearl of Africa” (Uganda), “The ultimate safari country” (Kenya, Tanzania), “The land of 1000 hills” (Rwanda), “Thirteen months of sunshine” (Ethiopia), “the Rainbow nation” (South Africa), “Never urge with a fool, no one may notice the  difference.”

You can show off and share your African heritage or simply promote Africa by using these articles or giving them as a gift to someone.

Besides, you can view and get lots of other clothing, accessories, gifts & much more at African Proverbs, Kontiki2007, and Pearl of Africa Online Shops. Use links in the sub-menus on this site  to access samples of these articles, or go to the sites for more. Products include t-shirts, hoodies and other clothing articles for her, him and kids, as well mugs, caps, mouse pads, bags and much more.

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