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Abdoulie’s Chicken-Mushroom Cream Sauce

Abdoulie’s Chicken-Mushroom Cream Sauce

This is how to make some delicious and cream sauce with chicken breast (or other meats) and button mushrooms. The advantage of chicken is it gets cooked quickly.


10 min
45 min
55 min


  1. Some of the ingredients:
  2. Cut the chicken breast into cubes, clean and shred the button mushrooms and onions.
  3. In hot oil in a pan, fry the chicken until it starts to brown.
  4. Add the mushroom and onions, mix well while stirring now and then until the onions look glassy. As you do that, add pepper, curry and vegetable stock cube (or powder).
  5. Add the whipped cream and mix well. Add some salt if necessary. Let it simmer on low heat for about 10 - 15 minutes.
  6. Serve with rice, potatoes, pasta, matooke, chapati ... 😉


The sauce should not end up too watery. This is easy to make & goes well with rice and lots of other accompaniments. If you have no chicken breast, you can use other parts, best cut as much as possible in small parts. For a “real” African chicken, which takes much longer to get ready, it is likely to need more time in oil before adding mushrooms … as it should be cooked through!

You can certainly substitute the chicken with cubes of pork, beef or mutton.