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Aimee’s Mandazi Recipe

There are many ways to prepare mandazi, which is widely eaten in East Africa. I will call this Aimee’s mandazi recipe. More recipes will be made available.


For:  5


  1. Dissolve the yeast in the lukewarm water and add sugar & salt in a fitting bowel. Add some 2, 3 teaspoons of lemon juice. Mix well
  2. Cover the dough with a clean piece of cloth and place it in a warm place for about hour so that the dough can rise
  3. Heat the oil on medium heat. It should not be too hot
  4. Use a table spoon to scoop some big portion of the sticky & elastic dough and carefully place it in the hot oil. You will probably need the help of a finger to wipe the whole content down in “one piece”. It should immediately begin to bubble and should take about 4 - 5 minutes to get ready with the right brown color, if the oil is the right temperature. After about 2 minutes turn it. Place the mandazi where excess oil can drip or have excess oil absorbed, such as on paper towels
  5. If you are satisfied, continue with the rest. After placing each round of mandazi into the pan, dipping the spoon in water will make it easier to wipe the next round off it into the oil. Place as many of them in the pan as possible, but they should not get too close to each other as they will stick together

Recipe notes

Mandazi is often eaten as an accompaniment to tea/coffee or as a snack. See other mandazi recipes on this site. As seen on the Youtube location of the video below, some folks say that is not “mandazi”, but “mahamri”, but I think the name depends on where you are, and some folks use it as a general term for similar stuff. The fact is there are many types of “mandazi” & we shall try to post them here with time, including versions from as far as West Africa. Feel free to share your version. Clearly written instructions like above & a picture or 2 would be ideal & we shall post it here.