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Apple-Carrot Juice

Apple-Carrot Juice Freshly made apple carrot juice

The other day noticed I had for some reason not eaten some fresh fruits like apples and some vegetables like carrots, with their beta carotene, for a long time, although I had them around. It is because I am not quite a fan of the 2. This of course in the long run is not healthy, but then I remembered I have a juicer, … Turned into juice, you can take in the content of several carrots & apples at ago and they do not taste bad at all.


2 servings
20 min
20 min


  1. I did not weigh the apples & carrots, but that is not too important in this case, though I think I am sure I am not too far off. Wash them.
  2. Peel the carrots and chop them in such a way they fit into the juicer intake.
  3. Let the juicer do the rest


CIAtronic juicer
CIAtronic juicer

This of course presupposes having an automatic juicer, or if you have another way, or have fruits that do not require one to turn them into juice, … it is just a suggestion to get fresh juice, with all the vitamins and other necessary nutrients delivered into your body, … at least in a different form.

We used a cheap ca. 30 Euro juicer from CIAtronic. There are probably better and considerably more expensive juicers, though, but this delivers what I need.

I did not have oranges at the time I made this, but they could have made a good addition. Of course there is no limit to the fruits and vegetables you can use.

The above ingredients delivered about 600 ml of 100% juice.

I do intend to try out a selection of vegetables to include beets, celery, cabbage (different types), kale, chard, cucumber, …

No permanent substitute to EATING, but …

The disadvantage of this is you miss out on the fiber in those fruits & vegetables, so this should not completely replace the 2, however, here is a remarkable quotation from Wikipedia on vegetable juice:

Although the actual nutritional benefits of vegetable juice are contested, a recent UC Davis study found that drinking vegetable juice daily significantly increased drinkers’ chances of meeting the daily recommended number of vegetable servings. Having an easy source of vegetables encouraged drinkers to incorporate more vegetables into their diets. Children who refuse whole vegetables may find vegetable juice, when blended with fruit juice, a palatable alternative.

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