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Beans in groundnut/peanut sauce

Beans in groundnut/peanut sauce

Beans can be prepared in many different ways. In this recipe, I show how you can make beans in groundnut (peanut) sauce. It is a simple vegetarian recipe and the sauce can go with ugali (posho), rice, matooke, … Peanuts are known across many parts of Africa as “ground nuts”.


6 servings
10 min
1 h
1 h 10 min


  1. Ingredients
  2. If dry beans are used like in this case, soaking them before over night considerably shortens the cooking time. We recommend this & the timing will not include this time.
  3. Let them then boil on low heat, covered for about 40 minutes.
  4. In the meantime, chop onions, tomatoes & shred the cabbage.
  5. Set the beans aside when they are almost cooked, covered or use another pan to sauté the chopped onion in oil for a short while, add the cabbage or sauté them together. Then add tomatoes
  6. add them to the beans & mix well and probably some water & bring to the boil. No lumps should form.
  7. Add spices & salt. If the sauce gets too thick, add some water. You might need to keep stirring now & then to make sure nothing sticks to the bottom. A teflon plan is an advantage. Otherwise cover & let it simmer on low heat for about 15 - 20 after adding the groundnut paste.
  8. Serve with rice, matooke, ugali, potatoes, cassava ...


Feel free to refine the spices to your taste. Although the same same ingredients without the groundnut paste/butter with the right spices form delicious sauce in their own right, the groundnut butter/paste gives it a different taste.

One thought on “Beans in groundnut/peanut sauce

  1. simba says:

    Comments posted to the recipe video on Youtube:

    • orbituganda 4 years ago in reply to leftysergeant
      Actually I prefer using fresh peanuts/groundnuts or roasted, that have been ground to “peanut butter” you buy from a supermarket, BUT I used the latter in the recipe because a good number of people are more likely to get the ready made thing, than preparing the nuts themselves.
      In most african communities the peanut paste is “self-made”. I have no problem with your other suggestions on improving the sauce. 😉
    • leftysergeant 4 years ago
      This is a great idea for those on a vegan diet. (But omit the Maggi cube and just add a bit more salt.) The beans and ground nuts provide a lot of protien and the tomato and cabbage add a lot of vitamins. I find that roast and grinding peanuts myself adds a much richer flavor to those dishes that use peanut butter. This also adds less overall fat, since most commercial peanut butter has added oil, usually palm oil.
    • orbituganda 4 years ago in reply to Kadirecipes
      I think it’s not very common, but it is one of the many ways beans can be prepared, in groundnut sauce.
      orbituganda 3 years ago in reply to Hirya Richard
      Lol, I hope you get something good & delicious at the end. 😉
    • Kadirecipes 4 years ago
      Never knew that beans can cook in this way. Going to try it one day.
      Thanks for sharing
    • Hirya Richard 3 years ago
      This is very awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx very much bro. This solves my problem of taking part in international dinner preparation.

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