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Creamy Zucchini and Minced Meat Sauce

Creamy Zucchini and Minced Meat Sauce Creamy Zucchini Minced Meat Sauce

Here is how to prepare some delicious, creamy zucchini and minced meat Sauce within about 30 minutes.


5 min
25 min
30 min


  1. Ingredients ...
  2. Add the minced meat to a little oil (optional) in a hot pan and fry it for a while
  3. Chop the zucchini into small slices & add it to the minced meat. Add the chopped the tomato.
  4. Continue frying ... until most of the liquid is gone.
  5. Add the crème fraîche, sour cream, pepper, powdered beef stock and mix well
  6. Bring to the boil and cook for a couple of minutes on low heat. Add some salt if necessary.


You can make an interesting variation with addition of button mushrooms or other vegetables like an egg plant, paprika …

The sauce goes well with potatoes, ugali (posho), steamed potatoes, noodles, rice …

It is quite fatty, because of the cream … A good salad makes a good accompaniment.
A good salad would make a nice accompaniment.

Give it a try!

Do you have another variation or want to share your experience, register & post in the forum, comment at the bottom of this forum or write us.

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