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Kabalagala recipe

A simple recipe of “Kabalagala” also locally known in Uganda as kabs or banana pancakes.

A simple recipe of “Kabalagala” also locally known in Uganda as kabs or banana pancakes.


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  1. Peel and mash the bananas and add about 1/2 of the flour. Thoroughly mix the dough. Keep adding some flour and mixing until the consistency is such that it can be rolled. Normally, not all the flour will be used
  2. Roll the dough on a clean and lightly powdered board to a height of about 0.5cm
  3. Use a cup or some form of cutter to cut it into as many round shapes as possible
  4. Pour some oil in a pan, enough to allow deep frying. Pre-heat it and carefully add the cabs and let them get to a light brown color.

Recipe notes

For best results, a type of small sweet bananas locally known as “ndizzi” should be used. It seems they are otherwise called “apple bananas”, “manzana bananas”. A picture of ndizzi is at this link: (link is external). Other sweet banana types such as used for this recipe can be used but will not taste as good. More about “ndizzi”: (link is external), (link is external).

I discovered that overripe GONJA as plantains are called in Uganda can be used to make kabalagala which in fact tastes more like that made with NDIZZI than that made with other types of banana found in places like Europe where it might not be easily available. Check out “gonja version” of kabalagala with an accompanying video.

Cabs are best enjoyed warm and fresh, e.g. with a cup of tea. If warmed up in a pan or oven, they become soft and taste fresh.
Other types of bananas may need some sugar to make the kabs as sweet as those made with “ndizzi” / apple bananas.


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