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Wheat Flour Kabalagala Pan Cakes

Wheat Flour Kabalagala Pan Cakes
Kabalagala banana pancakes made with wheat flour

This is a form of “kabalagala” as a type of Ugandan “banana pan cakes” normally made from apple(?) bananas (local name: ‘ndizzi’) and cassava flour is called, locally. In this version, the cassava flour will be replaced with wheat flour so we have Wheat Flour Kabalagala Pan cakes … Since the specific locally used bananas are not available everywhere, they are substituted with plantains. The rest of the recipe is borrowed from the “normal” kabalagala recipe on this site.


15 min
30 min
45 min


  1. This is what we shall use ...
  2. Peel the gonja (plantains) and mash it (them) in a dish
  3. Add wheat flour little by little while mixing until it reaches a consistency allowing you to handle and knead it without it getting sticky. I have not stated the exact weight of flour used, because I did not weigh it, though for the 2 relatively big plantains, I certainly used less than half a kilo (500g), probably 300 - 400g.
  4. Knead it for a while with the hand
  5. Place the dough on a lightly powdered board and roll it to about 1/2 cm thickness. If it sticks too much on the rolling pin, it means you may need to add a little more flour. Compared to cassava flour dough, this is more elastic and easier to work with.
  6. In the meantime, heat oil in a teflon frying pan
  7. Use a cup or other appropriate "cutter" to cut the dough into round shapes
  8. With the right oil temperature the "kabs" should take a couple of minutes (around 4 - 5) to get ready. You might need to turn them over.


If you have “ndizzi”** instead, that is even better. Substitute the gonja (plantain) with depending on the size, I would estimate 2 – 3 per gonja/plantain. **It seems they are otherwise called “apple bananas”, or “manzana bananas”. A picture of ndizzi is at this link: Other sweet banana types such as used for this recipe can be used but will not taste as good or you might need to add some sugar. More about “ndizzi”:,

In my opinion, the “wheat flour kabalagala” are not much different from the “real thing” and not bad at all! My advice: If you are in an area where you cannot get cassava flour & “ndizzi bananas” or simply want to try out something new and simple to make, go for the wheat flour kabs.

Note: In some places “pan cakes” or in this case “banana pan cakes”, are made very differently from the “Ugandan” pan cakes. “Gonja” is a Ugandan word for what is otherwise known as plantains & are much more widely eaten in the whole of West Africa.

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One thought on “Wheat Flour Kabalagala Pan Cakes

  1. simba says:

    Comments copied & pasted from the Youtube video to this recipe

    • orbituganda 2 years ago in reply to Ally B
      Thank you for appreciating. Not quite sure I know the “pork nyama choma”, though 😉 …

    • orbituganda 3 years ago in reply to asnu
      @asnuasma Thank you for the kind comments. You right – easy to make & cheap … 🙂

    • orbituganda 4 years ago in reply to themukisa11
      @themukisa11 Thanks 4 appreciating. So did you succeed? as you probably noted, they dont taste exactly like the “real thing” made from cassava flour & “ndizzi” bananas, but I think they are not that bad or different.

    • rk097 3 years ago
      how do you do the one mentioned with cassava flour above?how thick shoul you roll before shaping.can i make many and freeze.thanks

    • orbituganda 4 years ago in reply to themukisa11
      @themukisa11 Very encouraging comments 🙂

    • asnu 3 years ago
      superb…..very simple….can i say one thing its cheap n best dish ever….yummy n crunchy to eat….

    • Jackie Ann 4 years ago
      Just made some Kabalagala this morning, but with 3 cups of White flour, 3/4 cup of sugar, 3 bananas, 1/4 cup of milk, 1 cup of white corn meal and they look just like yours in the video and Yummy too! Thanks for the inspiration-found a solution to my craving for this great delicacy!

    • Ally B 2 years ago
      I would love the pork nyama choma recipe Ugandan please

    • Ally B 2 years ago
      Thank you so much for the variety recipes, defo eating these tomorrow xxx

    • asnu 3 years ago
      hmmmm….u know i tried that dish it was good n yummy too…..there is one cooking competition in our college …i am planning to do this recepie by keeping some stuff in that….

    • themukisa11 4 years ago in reply to orbituganda
      @orbituganda I did make them, and I really enjoyed them! I was amazed that such a delicious snack can be prepared with only 2 ingredients. I ate half the batch yesterday:) I will pass this recipe along..

    • orbituganda 3 years ago in reply to rk097
      @rk097 I have a recipe with cassava flour at orbituganda[.com/kabalagala] – remove brackets .. Youtube blocks urls. 😉 .I should say recipe is the same as in above video. I’d prefer to mash the bananas FIRST, then keep adding flour until dough is thick enough to be easily rolled, firm & not too sticky. See video. At least 1/2cm. The best bananas are those recommended on the site, the rest such as used in video are just a substitute. I have never had to freeze, so I can just assume it’d be OK.

    • charmingfiona 2 years ago
      Thank you!

    • themukisa11 4 years ago
      thanks for posting this recipe! I have been craving Kabalagala for so long:( I’m going to make it right now! thanks again!

    • Robinah Juru 2 years ago
      Oh I miss HOME 🙁

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