A beautiful documentary about Brutus and other chimps in the Kyambura Gorge and its sad lessons

This article is based on the one hour BBC Natural World documentary “Chimps of the Lost Gorge“  [Update Jan, 2015: unfortunately, video removed from Youtube.] featuring Brutus the chimpanzee and his family which were virtually trapped in the Kyambura Gorge. I hope you will also not only enjoy this beautiful documentary from Youtube, but also take note of some other lessons it teaches. The Kyambura Gorge or Kyambura Game Reserve…

Increasing number of clashes between animals and humans across the country

Chimp gorge

There was this article in the Newvision today: “Parents whose baby was injured by chimpanzee demand sh300m” Excerpts: The Parents of the eight months old baby recently injured by an irate chimpanzee are demanding sh300m from Uganda Wild Life Authority (UWA) a government agency mandated to manage and conserve wildlife. Medics at the hospital said the operation was necessary because, the baby’s tendon jaw had been hurt by the chimpanzee….