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U.S. President Barack Obama addresses the African Union

U.S. President Barack Obama addressed the African Union in Addis Ababa on Tuesday 28th July on his second stop of his historic, diplomatic Africa visit, which first led him to Kenya.

He addressed a number of important issues. One was on democracy saying that democracy in Africa was threatened when presidents did not stand aside at the end of constitutional term limits and pointed to violence in Burundi where the president has secured a third term.

He talked about human rights for all, giving women an equal chance and fighting the cancer of corruption. Corruption, which he had also pointed out in Kenya, as being one of the main hindrances to development.

Ironically, today as I was writing this, I heard on BBC Focus on Africa radio about a report from a Kenya Government audit saying “Only 26% of money spent and collected by the Kenyan government has been fully approved in an audit for 2013-2014.”  Read more from => this BBC Africa report: Kenya audit: Government accounts ‘disturbing’.

Listen to the whole speech of the US President Barack Obama to the African Union.

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