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West African Proverbs 1

West African Proverbs Part 1 – Proverbs from around West Africa, including Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Liberia. Use the page links at the bottom to navigate.

Gambian Proverbs

  1. The best time to slap a king is when there is a fly on his cheek.
    Community/language of origin: Unknown
    Country: Gambia
  2. No matter how fertile the soil, a tree without fruits will surely die.
    Community/language of origin: Serekunda
    Country: Gambia
  3. A frog that is used to staying in one spot thinks that is all there is until he jumps into a pool of hot water.
    Community/language of origin: Brikama
    Country: Gambia
  4. Only a real friend will tell you your face is dirty.
    Community/language of origin: Unknown
    Country: Gambia

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